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DIRECTOR:  Bianca Tarantino
SCRIPT & CASTING: Jake Tarantino
CAMERA & SOUND: Mallywood Studio Team

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Music Video Clip We are specialists for music video clips made by the Hollywood flair. With our talented artist Jake Tarantino we produced the song COLD BLOOD and the video clip. Here you can see some scenes of the movie wih the brilliant sound of the Mallywood Studios in Mallorca.

The video shoot took place in Mallorca. Duration of the recordings were two shooting days a 8 hours. Arrival and departure approx. 1 hour. Cutting and sound editing about 9 hours. Including editing and music composition the costs are about 2.900,- Euro incl. all team costs, costs for the actors, catering and driving service. Distribution and publication in social networks is included.

We realize your ideas!
Advertising Clips For our creativity heaven is not the end.  So we can realise every marketing and advertising clips in every budget you have. From a little company teaser up to a TV or Cinema Spot. Also we have the skills to promote your video clip wherever you want. In this video clip we present the new us fashion brand TARANTINO VIBES™ by TARANTINO.

The video shoot took place in Mallorca. Duration of the recording about 2 hours. Arrival and departure about 1 hour. Cut and sound editing about 3 hours. Including editing and music composition the costs are about 1500,- Euro incl. all team costs. The distribution and the publication in the social networks is included.

Let's talk about ideas!
What should we say about our work? That it is always a project of the heart. Yes, we can say that. But we don't like to praise ourselves or present ourselves as something special.

Every film, video or music production is different. Every idea a new one or an old one that we copy or even an idea that is really crazy to do it. But we do it. Because our team has no stagnation. we have innovation and think outside the box.

That's why we can't say how your project will turn out. Abe we can say we have all the skills to do it.

Try it out!
CASTING:  Jake Tarantino
LOCATION:  07500 Manacor, Mallorca
Email:  mail@mallywoodstudios.eu
Each project needs people who realize the project and rise the idea to public. So we are looking for that people in front of the camera or on stage!

With the amazing casting agency pink7cast we complete this part of the Mallywood Media Group since years.

  • Female vocalist
  • Male vocalist
  • Music groups
  • Model
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Extras
  • Presenters

Maybe it's your time now to come out and show the world your talent. Don't hesitate to contact us and send us your application to see what we can realise together in the music industry, in the film industry or for advertising and extra roles.

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